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Metra is the only mode of transport into the city from the suburbs that does not require driving. This is a very comfortable option for me considering I do not like to drive and I can put my commute time to good use.

HOWEVER, I do not like to be delayed trying to come home from work after a long day due to "switch problems" or "signal issues." How about you take the $190 a month that I and MANY MANY others throw at you and do something about it?! Also, supposedly Metra doesn't actually have any money to make upgrades... who are you giving this money to then?! Your CEO who makes upwards of $300K a year?

My other concern is the smog that develops in the air when you enter Union Station from the Madison Street entrance. I understand that Union Station is mainly operated by Amtrak, but for the love, have some decency for human life! I'm sure many others can attest to this... sometimes the smog is so bad, you can see it from OUTSIDE on Madison Street.

Also, the EPA actually did a study on the air in this section of the train station and found the presence of PM2.5 particles, which are particles small enough to enter the bronchioles in your lungs (link below). What part of that is okay? Not to mention having to stand in line to exit, while the trains to the left and right of you are so loud, that many commuters including myself have to physically plug their ears? Figure out a different way to exit and enter the train station from Madison Street...

perhaps a tunnel that takes you right upstairs, instead of waiting in a long, loud, line amidst cancerous air!! Now THAT's a good use of that money I throw at Metra each and every month. Overall, I use this service because frankly, I have no other choice. Nonetheless, my well-being is put in danger everyday, and my work stress is increased due to the unsystematic delays.

Fix these issues sooner rather than later!! Link to EPA article:

Review about: Metra Train Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

I liked: Service exists.

I didn't like: Price keeps going up but no service improvements, Company does not take responsibility for its mistakes, That the trains break down too much.

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